Street Art!

by lcwb

It being my first blog entry, I feel a need to cover some ground in defining what this blog is all about and why I’m writing it. For starters, I like to share things that I like (art, music, cinema, whatever) and I like feeling like a pseudo art collector in doing so, since i can’t actually own any of these things, which is too bad. But at least I can pretend to. Note: I’m having difficulty figuring out how to do the image layout. So, ignore it for now.

I simultaneously deleted my facebook while making this blog (revision: I reactivated it 6 hours later), as I felt like a was spending too much time doing too little. So this, I hope, is a good alternative. I also have a terrible time following through with things, so this blog might fail, but at least by starting it I can give consistency a try. Let’s cross our fingers.

In terms of life in general, I’m a sophomore at USC studying film. I love movies, art, and really anything provocative or smart (rhyme not intended). I both love and don’t love the school. Love: The film school, the accessibility of a big city, the abundance of culture, the endless sea of people to look at and meet, lots of restaurants (Joan’s on 3rd is amazing, as is this little nameless vietnamese food place in Silver Lake). Don’t love: The hugeness and stereotyped accuracies (University of Spoiled Children?) of the school, the concrete jungle feel, the pollution (terrible for my asthma), the rudeness!, everyone who pretends to be  a celebrity of holier-than-thou status, and maybe just college in general. The great thing about being in college, though, is that one is forced to realize that he/she (I) is (am) actually going to have to be a functioning, hopefully productive part of society. More than that, even, is that one has to digest the anxiety associated with the reality that he/she (I) will have to fight to accomplish and feel proud of his/her (my) life’s output, and not to fall into mediocrity. Geez!

When things like that begin twirling around in my head I usually use Netflix as my anxiety ‘force quit’. Recently when this happened (or maybe I was just bored), I came across the street-art documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010), and discovered how little I knew about street-art and how much I liked it. So below I’ve posted some pieces and commentary I learned from the movie and from some side browsing of my own. Enjoy!


<<<Exit Through the Gift Shop  (2010)… watch it!

^^^These are by Banksy, who not only is of the world’s most prolific and stylish (and elusive) street artists, but is also the director of the doc ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ (which, by the way, is an excellent film and I have to admire Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash for his persistence and diligence albeit his psychotic and really annoying personality). The middle image that I posted of the little boy through the crack in the wall is located on the Palestine-Israeli border, which is pure genius and total balls. Completely haunting, and makes me wonder how all human beings were once just little kids building sand castles (and why they can’t still be).

<<<A neo-warhol print by MBW, Mr. Brainwash, which made it onto the cover of LA Weekly. Funny thing is that he doesn’t actually do much (if any) of the art himself–he “envisions” it and then has others do the labor. Faker? Artist? Where’s the line to be drawn?

<<<An image most people probably recognize created by street-art icon Shepard Fairey. The image is an act of street-art/Skating propaganda that took place as a type of experiment replicating the type of repetitive nature of WWII propaganda. The icon is known as “Andre the Giant has a Posse”, which is based off the wrestler/actor Andre the Giant. See image below.

Speaking of Propaganda, Fairy also continued his experiment of propaganda into a more serious and and charged realm: the 2008 presidential elections. Making a poster for Obama’s campaign, Fairy created the stencil art poster of Obama’s head with “Hope” written below, which effectively pleased and appealed to the Urban-Outfitter toting yuppie generation, which is exactly what Fairy wanted. Street artist / leader of social change… maybe as good as it gets, IMO. Irony:  (he’s also a felon)

<<<The poster, and Shepard Fairey himself.

Basically, street art is really cool and I kind of want to go buy some stencils and spray paint.