Die Antwoord

by lcwb

So with a band like Die Antwoord, you either love them or you hate them. Their intensity doesn’t really provide much room for a middle ground. I, myself, love them. They are total freaks, but if you can get past that and accept it, they are wonderful–raw, fresh, and completely alien in the best of ways.

Yolandi (left) is a badass pixie-like sex symbol freak, and ninja (right) is weirdo wearing pink floyd underpants whose afrikaans accent makes his english have a trillish snarl that I love.

From an American perspective, they are very dirty, both in their looks and in their lyrics. Coming from a shitty dump town in South Africa, they represent “Zef” style, which they’ve described in a ‘W’ magazine interview as “apocalyptic debris”. “It’s like a kid in Liberia wearing a Tupac T-shirt, and for us that’s zef. People try to say it’s like trash, but it’s not really trash. It’s putting things together you think are cool.”. They get very annoyed at the world thinking of them as trash, and in one interview Yolandi said that they think of themselves as “fancy and sophisticated people” who “live a nice lifestyle and get paid”, which they do, having been signed to Interscope records (Lady Gaga) and having had Diplo (produced MIA’s paper planes) featured on their Evil Boy music video.

Their success started out with one internet video that went viral, Beat Boy, which made people stare and question in a kind of confused, almost horrified fascination. 

My favorite of their songs, though, is also their most popular song, ‘Enter the Ninja’. Yolandi’s high-pitch makes her sound like a kind of harijuku lover.

What I can’t get over is how hot and just completely boss Yolandi is. The chick has a space-age looking mullet, a weird alien looking face, is really creepy, and yet she kicks so much @$$. Maybe it’s just me, but she oozes icon status with her seductive scrappiness. Don’t think so? Watch the evil boy music video where she’s decked out in albino rats.

Some more photos:

^is he wearing fingerless-glove tighty-whities?