by lcwb

A guilty conscience is the worst possible feeling that can exist. I currently have one looming over me, and it’s literally something that I think should be treated by medical professionals. Granted, it is there for a reason, so I guess that’s productive emotional evolution.

The bad: I hate it. It makes life weird. I either do not sleep or I sleep too much. In terms of dieting, it’s great. It gives me the attention span of a gnat, which is a huge issue as I already have enough ADD as it is.

But, the good: Assuming you’ve already tried to redeem yourself, the good thing about emotion is that emotion is really real. Emotion starts a new path down a new road that starts something different in your soul. While I hate guilt, I love the fact that I am human enough to feel guilt, and that I can do something about said feelings. Maybe I will write a blog about guilt (check), or maybe I will begin to kick-box my way through it (that would be good). Maybe I will paint something, or at least attempt to. Maybe I will decide to start doing my homework religiously and become a good student (maybe not). There is a whole slew of things one can do or become when provided with unfavorable feelings or situations. My only advice is not to watch the movies My Dog Skip, Sofie’s Choice, Requiem for a Dream, or Finding Nemo. They are really sad and just aren’t worth it right now.

Or, watch this and feel really happy:

Or, try some angry self-improvement techniques like me: