Ruth Erdt

by lcwb

I found out about Swiss artist/photographer Ruth Erdt through a site I love ( Though there’s not much I can say that the site hasn’t already, I felt the need to re-post these photos. They are haunting and spectacular.

^Currently my desktop background. I love the combination of vivid color against a stark white background.

^This photo makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s eerie. I can’t entirely tell if this person is a girl or a boy (though I think a girl…), and I’m wondering why the sign is upside down. She(he?) looks scared, and the lighting with the harsh shadow is lonely and victimizing. And there’s just so much red! I feel like this young person is stuck in a circus freak show and I really want to get her out of there.

^This is my favorite of the photos. I love the nose and the freckles. It captures a sense of intimacy and distant memory.

I hope one of her shows comes to the U.S.!