Because I secretly really want (but won’t get) a tumblr…

by lcwb

I won’t get a tumblr (or at least I haven’t caved in yet) because I think it’s harder work (and therefore better for me) to stick to a format that requires a certain level of organized thought and effort that tumblr lacks. Although, there is something really wonderful and alluring about tumblrs. They are like inspiration boards/insights into a person’s psyche. But, knowing my inclination towards that type of loose and non-linear thinking, I’m going to resist tumblr for now and keep requiring myself to think and blog in a formatted, linear way.

Except for in this blog post. I have a habit of saving random photos and things that I like (from other blogs, from stumbleupon, from creeping facebook) in a file on my desktop literally called “Random things I like’, but can’t really blog about them because there’s not much to say other than “I really like this photo/drawing/thing”. So here we are.

Enjoy these puppies.

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