A list of things that really suck. (because I just got a ticket)

by lcwb

I just got pulled over on my own street. I’m clearly really annoyed. Do cops in downtown LA really not have bigger, badder fish to fry? Did I really just get a ticket for turning left in front of a car that was clearly far enough away from me for a collision to actually happen? GAHH!!! Worst of all, the cop seemed like he was going to let me off, and then he didn’t. I hate that. If they are going to ticket you, they might as well just play bad guy and not pretend like you have any hope of coming out of the shitty situation unscathed. Jerks… I mean, it’s actually amazing that I still have my drivers license to be completely honest, but I was seriously about 500 feet from my apartment building. dgsigreukgakeha (!) (!) (!)

So, to compliment my pissy mood, i’m going to make a list of things I really don’t like. I know this makes me a negative person and blah blah blah, but sometimes it happens.

1. (obviously) Cops that don’t have better things to do. Someone somewhere is getting shot.

2. Those eager ass students that ask the professor/TA if he/she is going to be collecting the assignment right as class is getting out… really not helping anyone out there.

3. White bath matts: because they get dirty NO MATTER WHAT.

4. Facebook videos. I used to be the most guilty person of this ever in highschool, but highschool is over, and people don’t care how much you love to look at yourself making weird faces and bobbing your head to music- it’s not funny, it’s just embarrassing.

5. The quote “Live, laugh, love”… super original. (If we’re friends and you have that somewhere on you wall at home or on facebook, I still like you, and I’m sorry that this makes me kind of a douche bag.) But really, let’s branch out on this one.

6. People who ask you what you got on the midterm you just got back, only to tell you that they got an ‘A’. It’s cool that you are taking this opportunity to brag. It’s also really discreet of you. Way to go champ.

7. Camera whores (even though I am admittedly guilty of this. It still really annoys me though.) (Attention to my mom: the term ‘camera whore’ does not imply nudity or sexual connotations. It just means that you’re always conveniently present whenever there is a camera out.)

8. Too much rice in burritos. I don’t know why I just really don’t like it.

9. Taking hipstamatic really seriously as a form of photography. It’s cheating. You can use it, but it doesn’t really count.

10. Sorority fines. Not dues, fines.

11. Getting your car impounded. Paying money to get back something you already owned is a great feeling.

12.  Small dogs. Sometimes they can be gems, but they are mostly just an irritating combination of hyperactive and stupid.

13. Andy Warhol poster pop-art. Again with the originality thing.

14.  People that wear sunglasses indoors. You don’t look cooler you just look like a moron.

15. Not knowing how to spell, unless your name is Annalee Leggett.

I can’t actually think of anything else. Sorry if this was rude.