Thank you Kelly Clarkson

by lcwb

I ran to the other side of infinity, then turned around, and laughed back at it.

This post is about evolution. Changes take place when you least expect them to, and regardless of what/how they enhance or disturb  your life, changes create who you are by how you respond to them.

Looking back at my semester, one could easily think it was a decently shitty semester for me. I did the whole ‘get lost in a relationship’ thing and ‘sacrifice your own happiness for person X’ thing and basically sold my soul to the love devil… or at least a ‘love devil’ impersonator (…WHAT IS LOVE!? AHH). And then, as per literary tradition, the devil turned his back on me and left me in what I thought would be the total shitty, insurmountable dust. –And it was shitty, but not insurmountable. One could look at the fact that I spent half of the semester in a cave listening to ‘Since you been gone’ by Kelly Clarkson and think, wow, that must have sucked– because it did. Kelly Clarkson on repeat is really an all time low. But what nobody will realize, except for me, is that this past semester has probably been one of the best semesters of my life, specifically because of how I chose to respond to an otherwise crappy situation. How one responds to life is what matters. Any kind of hardship (not just whiny, college-girl love problems) can be overcome in a way that makes the struggling individual better.

As obnoxious as it is, Kelly Clarkson is right: —Thanks to you , now I get what I want. But if you’re a little too snobby for Kelly, Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote an equally fitting piece: ‘Every wall is a door.’